Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lake thick with Fowl

When the little one and I dropped by last week to kill some time feeding the ducks, a birder told us there were at least ten kinds of birds on the lake, including duffle-heads, shovelers, koots, ruddy ducks, mallards, swans, geese, farm ducks, among others, some of them regulars, others recent arrivals from the North. Many bills to feed.

And people like to feed them. I think it was very therapeutic for us and it seemed to be for others. By the time we left we were covered from with dust from the cracked corn we bought at Key Food, which wasn't cheap but we were trying to stick to the recommended diet. While we were there, someone came by and fed them a large bag of some kind of generic fruit loops, so now I'm wondering if our efforts are worth much anyway. And I envied the ducks, the fruit loops looked good.

Don't you think male mallards look dapper because of those fabulous green heads and the little ascots around their necks? It's a good look for an art opening. I just read that Salvador Dali dressed as a chicken for his.

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