Saturday, January 12, 2008

Puppets Jazz Bar

Has anyone ever visited this place on 5th Avenue? What's the story? What does it have to do with puppets? I don't understand.


J$ said...

they moved from 5th ave and 1st street (now a condo sales office i think).

Anonymous said...

Inside is being renovated. Should be opening in the next few months.

Name is derived from the owners (Jamie Aff) former nickname, from his pro skateboarding youth, "Puppethead."

So there you go.

amarilla said...

Thanks. I Look forward to visiting when it opens.

J$ said...

will the 3 legged golden retriever be hanging outside once it opens? my dog loves that dog.

Anonymous said...

Whats up with the "BUilding For Sale" sign that appeared above the 1st floor, a couple days ago???

Anonymous said...

Puppets Jazz Bar has moved to 481 5th Ave between 11th & 12th St in Park Slope. It reopened Sept. 2008

Jamie Aff aka Puppethead plays the drums and still skatboards when time permits.