Friday, January 25, 2008

Washington Cemetery

I read that if you try to visit a grave at this cemetery you may have to climb over others to get to it. I have no issue with that, do people need a lot of space when they're dead? What kind of floor plan do the dead require? Is a floor-through OK?

Maybe I should have been holding my breath or saying a rosary when I passed by here on the F train, but I just wanted to take pictures.

Some people these days complain about people who are "transplants" to Brooklyn. Of course, if you've lived here all your life, when you see new people coming and things changing in ways you don't like, you just add it up. But unless you are a Lenape somewhere along the line your people came here. It is very likely that most all the people buried in Washington cemetery were born in Europe or Russia or another far away place, especially the ones buried under the amazing old stones that have character and drama. Notice the newer ones on the left that make a blacker line, they have too much polish and too little artistry. That's how they make them these days. I guess the dead don't care.


Unknown said...

"gravestones cheer the living dear, they're no use to the dead."

Spanky said...

Saying a rosary might not have any desired effect, as it is a Jewish cemetery. I should know; my grandmother's buried there.

amarilla said...

Prayers are denominational?