Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Speaking of Giants at Little Purity

I wonder if business at Little Purity has perked up since the 2nd St. Cafe closed. I've never seen the place full, but according to the waitress I had today things have gotten better. Not good enough, though, not yet.

One thing is good enough though. That's the Giants' wonder win. I didn't watch the game and that is like missing an eclipse that happens once in your lifetime. But at least I got to watch people talk about the Giants today at Little Purity while I ate my grilled swiss cheese sandwich.

I was killing time in between volunteering for special voting day lunch shifts at my kids' school. On the TV Football players stood on platforms in front of a sea of fans. The commentator mentioned that they were throwing signed jerseys to the crowds. The young man at the cash register started to very slowly shake his head back and forth, and whistfuly commented to someone "they're giving away jerseys..." He started to talk about the game. "I'm going to still be talking about this game when I'm 60," he said, and he must not have been over 20.

A man at a table said he called some friend of his in Boston after the game. They wouldn't pick up the phone once they saw the area code. Didn't want to hear it. The next day they returned the man's phone call pleading "you WON, that's ENOUGH, OK!?" Those New Englanders must be really hurting, and here, people are happy happy HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH. The man at the table started to pantomime the winning pass while describing every detail of the miracle. Then he spoke about how when he decided to throw the Super Bowl party his Chinese wife was so worried about having people over, she cleaned everything, sweated every detail, and how delighted she was with the big win because she saw it as reflecting on the quality of the get together she hosted. Yes, there must have been a lot of very satisfied party throwers around here, and happy guests having the time of their lives.

I hope things continue to look up for Little Purity, there aren't that many places where you can sit down and get a sandwich for under 6 bucks, which is just right for this blogger's budget presently. The coleslaw? Better than average. The pantomime? Excellent.

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