Friday, February 1, 2008

John Rogers Fire Extinguishers

This fire extinguisher would not be the first one I'd turn to in case of emergency. This has been sitting in the window of the defunct fire extinguisher store, John Rogers Fire Extinguishers, on Prospect Ave. near 10th Ave., for as long as I've lived here, so that's at least 6 years. Not only does it look a little past ripe but that lampshade it's wearing suggests perhaps it had one too many across the street at Rhythm and Booze.

What goes on in that storefront now I have no idea. Perhaps someone lives there. I've never seen anyone coming and going and the spacious window area is bare except for the astro turf, the fire extinguisher and a washboard leaning all the way against the wall to the left. The store looks like it was large, and I wish I could have visited when it was in business to see the various shapes and sizes and designs of the extinguishers, which are not only useful but handsome items. The one on the awning always catches my eye.

So there it is, a rare sign of whimsy here in Windsor Terrace. There aren't many landmarks to whackiness to be found in these parts.

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