Sunday, February 10, 2008

Time Travel on Vanderbilt

When I was walking down Vanderbilt last week the East side of the street was clear of cars to make way for the street sweeper. I couldn't help but be reminded of the picture of vintage Vanderbilt Street that hangs in Lonelyville, and that Icky posted.

I've always been fascinated by this tiny shack on Vanderbilt. Perhaps it was a farm shed back in the day. Here it is dwarfed by the vehicle parked in its driveway.


J$ said...

million dollar shack.

Anonymous said...

Somehow, even with numerous walks up and down that street, I missed that thing. Or maybe it is on the one block I missed. I think it's gorgeous! I hope a very stubborn, very cranky person owns in and it stays for years!

Alex Richman said...

I'm so glad you pointed this shack out. My wife and I walk pass it all the time. We saw a little lady outside of it last summer.