Saturday, September 27, 2008

Soup at Lia's? When!?

Get your soup spoons ready! I just found out from a pal Lia's will soon be realizing another one of my dreams when they start selling soup in the winter. As if handing me with the ice cream I was crying for wasn't enough! I wonder what they'll have on the menu, and if I'll like it. I hope I like it. My favorite soup, one I often get in Manhattan at Medina on 17th St., is Brazilian Chicken Stew. Would it be so bad if they stole the recipe? I'll do the dirty work. Maybe they'll sell gumbo, the making of which requires a roux. You might call that fancy-pantsy, but it wasn't when cooked up on the creole fires in Lousiana and elsewhere. It was just good. Note to Lia's: I am available for taste testing and I can come in costume for your amusement.

Will there be a soup nazi for twisted charm? That's OK, we don't need any of those in the hood. Better yet a humble friar disguised behind a lucha libre mask. That would be cool, but let's hope he concentrates more on the soup than on tacking doilies onto his leggings. Leave that to me.

By the way, those pots above aren't from Lia's, they're from a place called Ashby's in Manhattan. But when I took the picture, I was wishing that I'd see such a sight closer to home. There's no place like home.


nomadnewyork said...

Unfortunately, Lia's will not be making their own soup, they are buying it from some soup distributor but by all accounts it's quite good.

amarilla said...

Yes, you are right, I spoke with the owner today (he was doing renovations) and he told me they'll be selling Hale and Hearty as well as Kitchen Cuisine soups. Wraps and sandwiches are in the works as well.