Monday, October 19, 2009

Hamster Appreciation Society, Pasta

We were able to adopt this hamster from the Sean Casey Animal Rescue Center last spring for 2 bucks. She's too awesome for words, cute, friendly, bottomless cheeks, she even smells good. I don't mean to be forward but if you happen to know a hamster stud I think we'd be interested.

She appears on the article about homemade pasta featured in the New York Times last weekend. I should read it carefully, the batch we made recently wound up being more of an athletic experience than it probably should have been. Stiff dough makes for very tough extrusion. Next time, less flour, we used 4 cups to 4 eggs but should have used 3.5, or less. Anyway, son of mine said it was doughy, I think that was the right description.

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knithound brooklyn said...

I bet the hamster would appreciate it.