Tuesday, November 3, 2009

around here

When we got back from Florida we couldn't find the hamster. I thought she was gone for good. I was feeling horrible about it until I glanced at the front page of a recent NYT to see a man carrying a boy bloodied in a car bombing. In the kitchen, I heard her; the little Houdini, who had pushed back the top of her cage and scaled the refrigerator, was attempting entry into a box of Wheat Thins in the cereal cabinet. She came to me without much fight. She'd lost weight.

I knew my daughter was still pretty sick because she barely smiled after she learned the hamster had been apprehended. This is day 6, I'm hoping she'll feel better. R has recovered and seems very happily at work making faux fossils from a kit he chose for his birthday, which was Sunday.


Robin Morrison said...

Some schadenfreude is wholesome.

antraw: lower rear deck of a fishing VW Microbus, where the catch is salted and stored after gutting.

amarilla said...

Not schadenfreude, KL, although I knew some would read it that way. I see it as a correction of perspective, freedom from a warped view. Schadenfreude is an enjoyment of other's suffering, this was not that.

amarilla said...

If there is a word that means gaining perspective on the ridiculousness of your drama by confronting another's reality, that would be more like it. I've always learned best from contrasts.