Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Great Falls, Maryland Side

This visit reminded me that Great Falls brings me closer to those loosely brushed rocky landscapes I've seen hanging in Chinese restaurants than any other places I visit ever will. It slaps me a little silly to think that any landscape could be that dramatic, even the Grand Canyon seems a little tedious in comparison to the sporadic rock towers that thrust through torrential downsurges.

There's several small islands in the Potomac between Va and Md sides including one that's been opened to the public, Olmsted Island (seems no matter where I go that man turns up,) which represents a biome called a bedrock terrace forest, so we had to keep to the boardwalk constructed to protect the ecosystem, and perhaps to keep visitors from taking an unexpected plunge. Great Falls is a really great place for falling, or trying not to fall.

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Robin Morrison said...

Low Appalachian winter light. Sometimes I miss the East.

inolyshe: Yiddish Sanskrit for 'kept secret so long we forget what it is'.