Monday, December 21, 2009


There's plenty of practical things I need to do now but I'm caught pondering the graphic that accompanies the discussion of the 2009 buzzword 'aporkalypse.' Is that really a Sri Yantra on that plate beneath the pig? Is someone going to get offended? Where did that image come from? Will this aggregate's appearance at the top of the Week in Review augment or detriment the mandala's reputed ability to rake in cash, allaying the Grey Lady's financial troubles?

To accompany the pigmanteau, a tiger-pig I was compelled to make yesterday posing in front of the Eye of Providence. To lead me to think about the transmutation of material desire into works of imagination, I guess. Dream guiding dream. Pigs fly!

Gratuitous pancake bearing crescent moon burner branding. To keep the piglets warm.


Matthew said...

That pig tiger is Blakean. The pancake, on the other hand, is going to have the pilgrims line up at your door soon.

amarilla said...

Any pilgrims bearing creme brulee please proceed to the head of the line.