Sunday, January 10, 2010

Blue and Red

Before Christmas I started to see a field of blue and red flash in front my eyes when I was falling asleep or meditating. A field with bright, ultramarine blue on the top and full red on the bottom, an equal split. I was barely aware of what I saw at the time but the image's quiet voice has become louder and louder and I've gradually become aware of what it might mean. This is one of those strange gifts that starts in the liminal but has built in the physical, a gift that will not be denied.

Things people said and wrote started to echo the vision in very distinctive ways. I won't go into it, but it was as if the world were taking a highlighter to the vision of this colorfield.

I'm sure there are endless meanings anyone could spin and dream about blue and red, but this is enough for me: the heart is the chromopause, the color boundary, between red, oxygenated blood, the earth, and blue, the freedom of heaven, the color of unencumbered blood that's delivered its load of fire to myriad hungry cells and turns again to be recycled.

A few days after Christmas the gift of blue and red bloomed into bodily realiztion; I intuited to meditate on the heart and work with other *chakras* because my heart, battered by holiday challenges, needed an infusion of spirit and love. To my surprise, it worked. The heart infused with spirit is the place where heaven meets earth.

I have spoken to others experiencing similar boosts to the heart wattage. These days of the heart, the blue and red days, are the days of heaven and earth mutually recycling, days in which the only thing fundamentally meaningful is the opportunity to give gifts and receive them, as simultaneously as when hand shakes hand or friends embrace.

Facebook people, talk about color all you like. I don't care if you're talking about your bras, underpants, your eggs. I couldn't care less about the literal being referenced, it's the color that brings the spirit to life. Thanks for the abstract gifts some might call nothing.

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Joe Monkman said...

Amy -

You've got such a deep connection to All That Is. Thanks for sharing this and your other insights.

xo Joe