Monday, January 11, 2010

Grand Recycling

Maybe the most epic recycling is that of the sea floor where it melts under the weight of continental shelves, but the revamping of the armory for use as a neighborhood sports complex is very impressive. As proponent of adaptive reuse Dave Burney suggested, check out those trusses. If this was built today it's pretty hard to imagine the product wouldn't be a nightmare along the lines of the Atlantic Center. No trusses to speak of. By the people, for the people, 7 years in the making, the Park Slope armory represents an inspiring community enrichment. I wonder what's in the works with all those other Brooklyn armories?


Matthew said...

Ooooooo! Used to live right around the corner. But what happened to the homeless women?

amarilla said...

Hey Matthew, the shelter is still there in the 8th Ave. face of the building. I believe it's run by CAMBA which is awesome and amazing.