Friday, January 22, 2010

Last legs?

The old caloric double oven in our kitchen. Who knows how old it is.

It has problems, the ovens don't bake things evenly, the pilots go out easily, it's internally grimy beyond rehabilitation, but man is it cool. Certain parties are bent on seeing it replaced very very soon. But I can't let go. I think.

I saw the new things at Sears. What gives me the creeps more than anything: the digital components. Do they really add anything besides opportunities for repair? What should I do?


Robin Morrison said...

Keep it. Beware the digicomponents: they cost several qoo $$ to replace, and ALL but the expensive pro ovens bake unevenly. It's circa early 70s, possibly very late 60s, I'll venture.

inked: Korean seaweed dish utilizing certain squid glands

Bo said...

I have a later version of the same Caloric Range. It is the double oven, with a vent to the outside (at the top) that has a hinged flap to open it and turn on the vent. Today, neither oven will ignite. Yesterday and before, they were both fine. I cooked meatballs yesterday and thought I was clever to use a muffin tin to hold them. Not so clever. The fat spilled over and created billow of smoke. I think that did the damage to the oven ignition. Have to call the repair tomorrow. Ugh. Do you think they can repair it? The range is 42 years old (installed in 1968). So your range is older, because my range has a much newer appearance (are you laughing now).