Monday, January 25, 2010

The Monster who Swallowed Everything

My son Russell was very excited about this book he brought home a book from school, How Many Spots Does a Leopard Have? by Julius Lester. He insisted that I not delay in reading it with him. One story is called The Monster Who Swallowed Everything, in which a monster the size of mountain consumed village after village, houses, people, dogs and all. It was hard to read it without thinking of what certain kinds of corporations do to this nation as they rule this country by influence. Insurance companies for instance, in supporting the status quo, what kind of autonomy and freedoms have they swallowed in their greed?

Is there a website that rates corporations according to the degree to which they protect the people and ecosystems of this Republic in a proactive, sustainable, generous and respectful manner? A trustworthy watchdog organization is even more essential now that the court has ruled against the people in favor of the wealthy. It's an old pattern, the governing body demonstrating that it is less inclined to empower the people most in need while handing out gifts to those already well off, all the while eagerly identifying itself with (a disemboweled) Christianity.


Maki said...

Hello, I saw and sometimes read your this blog from July 2007 to August 2008 now.I'm sorry but I think very interesting for me. I will see all of your photos on your blog.
I have a son too.^^

amarilla said...

Thanks for digging around, I forget how long I've been doing this. You have a son? How old? Does he love plants too?

Maki said...

My son is 20. I posted my son's photo on my blog today. He loves flowers too. He does flower arrangement.^^