Friday, February 12, 2010

cinder toffee

I asked about the Violet Crumble candy bars they now sell at Dub Pies in Windsor Terrace the other day. I was told that no, they aren't violent, they are honeycomb. Then someone in the back started chanting hokey pokey, hokey pokey with wide eyes, and I realized she was giving another description of the candy. I'd never heard of a candy called hokey pokey before, only the dance, so I asked what it was, and I was told it was honeycomb. So I asked what honeycomb was, assuming this wasn't what you find in a beehive, and was told it was hokey pokey. And on it went, this circular defining, until I got a little dizzy. So I found out what honeycomb/hokey pokey is, and now I think I'll have to taste it. Because it turns out it is also called cinder toffee for some reason, and that's a pretty irresistible name. BTW, the exotic Bachelor's Mushy Peas also on the Dub shelves seem rather intriguing.


Matthew said...

Aussies: people who live upside down?

amarilla said...

I suppose that'll be us if the poles flip.

Have you ever tried cinder toffee?