Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Love Store Mix

I think there's a chance that Bollywood music will turn me into the dancing maniac I was meant to be. I hope so because I'm not going to the gym. I hate the gym. Ricky at Krupa, a deli known by locals as the Love Store because of the kindness of the proprietors and abundant multi-denominational religious iconography, has agreed to make a custom dance CD for me. It will cost 5 dollars and hopefully it will give me eternal life, tighten all the lady cushioning that seems so fond of me these days, or let me Krupa myself into the next dimension. I used to wonder why the store was called Krupa, assuming the Indian family that runs it bought it from a Polish or Russian family. Little did I know, Krupa means bliss and is some kind of Hindu holy water. More about Krupa...


Maki said...

I love to take pictures of pieces of the scenery around our life too.
This is because I see the history of my position,
and that of people's life which cross on this position as well.
it may be too much to call this "history", but I think that we take a piece away because
this is the moment when we want to look rather concentration than length of history very closely.

amarilla said...

That's beautiful Makiko. Do you post to a flickr page? It would be lovely to see a collection of your work. Some would say that *history* is a dream constantly awakening, a beautiful weaving.

I don't know why I take certain pictures. I think it is because my soul is trying to tell me something.

Maki said...

Thank you amarilla.
I don't post a flickr but I have a my site of a gallery.
This is my Japanese gallery.


I will make English gallery pages.