Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Missing and Returned

In Kensington, odd semi-attached. Took me far too long to figure out what was missing. I think the flags threw me off.

On the line at Foodtown while waiting for the Post Office to open I listened to Summer in the City playing over the sound system while the morning sun blared through the windows. hotter than a match head....It was difficult to decide what part of those lyrics are the best, and also very hard to keep from dancing in the aisle.

On the line at the Kensington PO, once it opened at 9:30, I listened to the only attendant available having a hard time explaining PO policy to a person who wanted to send a package without postage. Everyone else listened too. It got a little intense. When it was my turn at the window the woman was very nice to me even though I am obviously a crazy person, especially at the Post Office.

In the afternoon my daughter's clarinet, which she left on a city bus, was returned to us by a woman who lives on 15th St. As soon as she got off the bus with the instrument she found a pay phone to call and let us know she'd found it, so we wouldn't have to worry an extra second. It was amazing to watch the despair melt away from my daughter's face when the call came. Thanks Rita!


Anna G said...

Barbed wire and windows, how do you get in?

As a former kid who lost everything, especially expensive things like cameras and winter coats, I'd like to thank the nice stranger Rita, too!

amarilla said...

Yes, I think the person who never lost a single thing would be a little hard to love.

Old First said...

So you grow up in one of those houses, and you're in kindergarten, and your teacher notices what's missing in front when you draw houses, not to mention not even a doorknob, and sends you to the child psychologist. What would Witold Rybcinski (sp?) think?