Friday, March 12, 2010

two handfuls

I found a '62 copy of Captains Courageous on 8th St. the other day, and I think I'll read it since the page I opened to at random made mention of fiddle tunes I've never heard of, including The Song of Fin McCoul, which gives the character Dan the blue creevles, whatever that is. I haven't been able to figure them out. I dare say these are not blue creevles.

It's all about Kipling these days, by George! I was blown away by this poem I recently came across, or charm, rather, from Rewards and Fairies;

Take of English earth as much
As either hand may rightly clutch.
In taking of it breathe
Prayer for all who lie beneath-
Not the great or well bespoke,
But the mere uncounted folk
Of whose life and death is none
Report or lamentation
Lay that earth upon they heart,
And they sickness shall depart!

It shall sweeten and make whole
Fevered breath and festered soul;
It shall mightily restrain
Overy-busy hand and brain;
It shall ease they mortal strife
'Gainst the immortal woe of life.
Till thyself restored shall prove
But what grace the Heavens move...

I think Brooklyn dirt would do just as well, although I wouldn't take it from the groundbreaking sight for the arena, where it appears to be all about the worship of fame and fortune. Matthew's tongue of swords was especially flinty yesterday. I have a feeling recent events have him feeling anything but the blue creevles.

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Matthew said...

I've got the blues alright, but they're crocus blues.