Tuesday, March 16, 2010


The most dramatic uprooting I came across, on Lookout Hill across from the Binnen Bridge. The arboreal casualties round southeast of the Maryland Monument couldn't but be resonant.

I'm wondering what that 2 day storm is called. Considering the damage it wrought, it needs a name. The number of fallen on the East side of Lookout Hill were too numerous to count. I think Prospect Park should hire on some crafts people and set up a furniture shop ASAP, selling the pieces to profit the park. Or the wooden shoes, or whatever. But what do I know of the business of wooden shoes, or wooden underpants, for that matter?

A friendly bunch of tree workers were removing this fallen Kentucky Coffee Tree near Prospect Lake. The base of the tree had a cavity of rot but the upper section of the trunk was sound. This is what the accidental autopsy revealed, anyhow. The tree went over from the root, so the rot probably didn't make a difference. Another tree I found split in half, a garbage bag of trash festering in the split cavity. WTF?

Beyond the bridge a long mound of dirt and stone's been deposited - after the rain, all colors of rock are visible, and many rounded stones lay there, who knows how long ago, where and when they were polished so smooth. Other rocks I found at the limit of their stoniness, decayed so completely that they fall apart in the hand.

If you'd like to help the park recover from the one-two it took from the wind and rain, there's info here.


Old First said...

There's lots of cherry trees down. And what wonderful wood that is. It's shame if it's discarded.

Old First said...

Oh yes, by the way, in old Dutch churches, the high pulpits in which the preachers stand are sometimes called "houten broek", which means "wooden pants". Not underpants, though.

amarilla said...

Those sound like some high pants! Wooden bowls would be easily made with the right equipment. They could have Prospect Park or the flipped P's burned into the wood on the bottom. Toothbrushes, maybe? Perhaps some BK carpentry/furniture/design types will jump into the fray.