Tuesday, September 14, 2010

double trouble

I spent the weekend making Lakota style drums and rattles in a workshop led by musician and healer Steven Blue Horse. When it comes to drum making, I still have much to learn. A good drum requires ample tension, and for someone who would rather have things a little slack the making of drums comes as a challenge.

Like the back of these drums, life is a web of tensions, and the fearless thrive on that. Each tension has the potential to draw one into becoming more alive and multi-dimensional. That is life. Each de facto teacher who poses a challenge creates tension that draws an individual toward efficacy, towards enhanced relations, around dynamic corners. These drum principles are a good practice for this predominantly reluctant one, and have starkly altered my way of looking at life, but I never intended to learn this and this teacher never promised any grand insights. He kind of embodied the fortune I wound out of a cookie a few months ago: "Be smart, but don't act like it." Huh? That's possible? You don't see that so much around here.


Maki said...

I like this! This drums are interesting! I would like to hear it.

amarilla said...

Mine sounds a little different everyday depending on the weather - humidity eases the tension and makes a lower sound. It will have a good tight sound today,