Monday, November 29, 2010

for no reason

Hope all had a happy weekend. The day we left for Virginia for Thanksgiving I was walking up 17th St. to pick up my car from the shop when I received a call from the mechanic saying our car had been involved in a collision while there. I couldn't get mad although a bit of self-righteous wrath might really have been useful under the circumstances. I guess I've been listening to too much banjo music.

Today I finally got to the police department to pick up the accident report and while there I noticed a sign on the wall that just said "happy." I guess they found time to take "Thanksgiving" down but not the holiday modifier. When things like this accident happen one wonders what story to make up (because that is what we do all day, make up stories). I told an acquaintace what had happened and she actually took a step away from me while we spoke, demonstrating the impact of the tragic view unfurling in her mind. But here's the story that pleases me, how lucky I am. SO LUCKY! And while I'm at it, I'll take that lone and detached "happy" I saw there on the police departmnet wall, up there for no reason at all, giving to us all the "happy" that needs no reason, and the gratitude that lost its justification so long ago it doesn't even look for it anymore.


Anna G said...

Thank you!, this is so good to read. I think I'll tell myself some nicer stories today.

amarilla said...

Glad to hear it helped. Wednesday was such a strange day...shall I pin it on the number 23?