Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Monday I was in the low lands, the Lowes land, the Lowlands. There's a good view of the Culver Viaduct, which I admire, from the Lowe's parking lot, and a little park that lines the Gowanus, relatively unused lately by the look of the unpocked but sagging snow. I guess in the recent weather not many have been down to this tranquil spot from which to view the steel claw at work loading the scrap metal heap onto the barge. Takes my breath away, really, I must be a 4-year old boy. That neon green birdhouse installed by the Gowanus Conservancy seemed uninhabited but I'm sure before long some Gowanus minnow/ scrap metal eater will find a comfortable home there, a short wing away from where stands the nested bridges of the Viaduct and the draw bridge below it, kind of like pants under pants.

The Lowlands came later when a group of musicians had assembled to play old time tunes, sweet to my ears, sweet under and also on top of sweet I think. And sometimes a little sour, but not so much that night.

I understand the viaduct's getting some kind of an overhaul, which is why in order to get the F train to Manhattan I have to go two stops in the wrong direction and change trains. I'm hoping for the best, since most everyone I know goes over that complicated structure everyday at least twice. There's a nice view of the Statue of Liberty and the Gowanus (one of the world's most polluted waterways, come see!) from up there.

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