Saturday, April 23, 2011

a little appalachiana

We drove back from the Fort Valley yesterday, it took about 6 hours, I completely forgot it was Good Friday. We thought about making a stop somewhere along the way but passed most all the attractions, Crystal Caves, Antietem, Roadside America, Hershey, the Crayola Factory. We did stop at the Pat Garrett Sheepskin Trading Post and Ampitheater but only for coffee. The kids oggled the assortment of knives through the glass counter and we didn't stay long. For most of the trip the ridge of grey-purple mountains in the distance flanked our left side, but as we drove North the name of the ridge changed, Blue Ridge as they call it in Va and Tuscarora in PA. Once we turned due East we passed over ridges that got increasingly smaller but were high enough to grant views of valleys full of developments whose angular forms sprouted in the lowlands like crystal aggregates. But none of those aggregates compares to that of Brooklyn.

Above, the Shenandoah at sundown winding in front of Virginia's Massanutten Ridge, taken at the Shenandoah River "Andy Guest " Campground.

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