Tuesday, April 5, 2011

double blind

You woke up this morning considering the difference between the stupidly idle and the profitably zealous? Me too, I'm not sure I really see it yet. I defer to the tongue of a man whose tongue led him to its end, so beware. Here in this introduction Giordana Bruno writes "He is double blind who does not see his own blindness" and later " The stupidly idle are buried in the lethargy of the incapability of judging their own blindness, and the profitably zealous are aware, awakened and prudent judges of their own blindness, and for that reason are in quest and on the threshold of the attainment of the light from which the others are banished for a long time."

It's been a strange day, the morning was bright, then dark, then bright again. I went to bed sick of myself but not losing hope that today really could be a new day for me, not knowing what would emerge from the other side of my cataracts. I tried not to fill the well. It's already full. So I tried not to. With more sloth the zealotry.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I sense a troubling relationship here with the stupidly idle. I dunno, this is all very ant/grasshopper -- we don't work like that. Our binary brains do, but that doesn't matter. Bruno is all very well, but I think Bergson too -- "lived time". Ebbs and flows...

amarilla said...

In his apophatic zeal he certainly bares his fangs over the lethargy of presumption. Someone's got to. He also shows a wee tiny bit of a mean streak in his description of (human) woman, but all in all I can't give him up on account of all he packs in his paragraphs.

Thanks for bringing up ebbs and flows, they can't get mentioned enough I think.