Thursday, May 5, 2011

fig leaf & angle parking

At the Community Board 7 meeting Tuesday night I got to watch the DOT representative tear the proposed angle parking plan in two pieces in front of an audience of neighborhood residents very much opposed to the plan. It was a relief. I'm relieved for the residents of the West side of 11th Ave. who would have had people's exhaust pipes fuming their homes and people backing up towards the sidewalk where children play, but even more relieved for those on the East side of the street who would have lost the parallel parking zone which now serves as a buffer against the traffic speeding down the street. But what will we do about that God forsaken corner of 19th and 11th, a de facto ramp for the expressway, where pedestrians take their lives in their hands whenever they cross? How many automobile accidents have I seen there since we moved in? For a while there it seemed like a weekly event.

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