Monday, July 4, 2011

Deep Thoughts (for Independence day)

Internal politics & probably all politics stem partly from the aspect of the mind that has a habit of attempting to create reality rather than experience it. What is the natural state of being when some part of ourselves finally realizes that instead of perceiving the moment we are imposing a belief system on it and then experiencing only what we already expected to see? What kind of surprises do we meet when we take the lock of the world and see it for what it is instead of what we need it to be on account of all our hang ups? Do we have the courage to see the world and the essence of ourselves for what it actually is? Can we tolerate a fluid, ungraspable, undefinable reality rife with possibility? As soon as we decide it's one thing, we realize it is something else, or neither thing, or both.

Meister Eckhardt wrote that God is closer to us than our own skin. If we are to know that elusive but intimate friend, the mind and all its projections must take a back seat to raw awareness.

Something I found in my inbox today:

“…grasping, itself, actually is not at fault. That is the nature of awareness, that’s not at fault. What is at fault is holding to it. That is at fault, because when the mind is grasping, at the same time there is inborn wisdom that mind itself is not grasping.”

H.H. Shenphen Rinpoche, Basel, 1993

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