Saturday, January 7, 2012

trees in the house

All these trees did change people's lives, braided souls back together with parts too deep to describe, made our houses magical places, renewed and blessed us in a multitude of ways too subtle for words, as it seems only conifers can. What an honor it is to open one's door, symbolically, to the essence of a tree, the heart and grace of the wilderness, by taking a tree into the house, being blessed by its ancient grace. Thanks to the trees for being as generous as they are and always has been.

I daydreamed about having a tree this year...we never do. We always put presents around the plastic one my mother puts up every year. I passed by trees for sale on the street wondering what it would be like to make one of them a part of my life, a friend that close. I know what kind of magic it would have brought us. I didn't take one, though. Not this year. I guess I don't feel worthy. Or maybe there are other ways to get close to all the blessings and grace, sweetness and generosity the conifers and their relations bring to our lives. An homage is not enough by far to offer in thanks to what the trees have given. What does one do?


Joe Monkman said...

As always, simple and beautiful. I can smell the trees.

Rob K said...

Lovely post. I especially like the line about "braided souls back together with parts too deep to describe." We always had real trees when I was growing up. I live alone now, so I don't do much in the way of decorating.

chris costan said...

very nice Amy