Thursday, March 22, 2012


One thing just became clear to me about meditation and meditative prayer. Speaking for myself, when through chanting and meditation and listening I am try to silence the mind, what I am really doing is seeking my innocence. Because it seems my thoughts are almost always lying to me and I am almost always believing those lies. I am almost always asking my soul to wear a garment that doesn't fit. My soul seeks its innocence, I seek to lay down the weight of lies. My soul wants no gift more than the gift of its own innocence.

The primal "sin" is the lie the mind tells itself, and while the lie is empowered it poisons our relationships with creation and we are cast out of paradise. I don't presume to speak for everyone, but I know there are many like me, who have the same sickness. Our souls were turned against themselves not long after we were born, indoctrinated into the habit of oversimplification and an excessive lust for the security of the literal. We've been believing lies so long we don't know what's false and what real, we don't recognize the difference between belief and knowledge.

God speed the moment when our spiritual immune system is strengthened to the point where it won't tolerate for one second the lies we tell ourselves and the soul's innocence is our life's work.

Immaculate: unable to utter a lie, unwilling to listen to the ego lying to the spirit. Something like that.

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