Tuesday, June 19, 2012

tough dream

Here an Hydrangea on Seeley that refused to decide what color to be, and continues to be a little bit of everything. The nerve!

Yesterday I had one thought that continued to simmer underneath all the others, it seemed clear to me that anytime anyone felt critical, faced a conflict or began judging another they were meeting a part of themselves they'd prefer not to be aware of. I saw this demonstrated before me so it was no wonder it took my notice. I think Jung deserves a lot more credit for the theory of the shadow, and I suspect it's often disregarded not so much for it's mysticism but because it cuts too close to the quick, that is, it actually says something. A world full of people trying to control and stifle in others what we've been unable to control and stifle in ourselves, oh dear!

I dreamed that when God and his minions made some of us he placed a puzzle in our chests, a time release struggle that would divide us against ourselves and others until we realized how to balance our conflicting selves - the lazy and the busy, the kind and the cruel, the innocent and the sophisticated, the straight and the queer, etc., through goodwill and respect. What a sight it must be for those above to watch us stumble into the same pitfalls again and again because we refuse to accept who we really are.

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