Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rock Dove

During yesterday's high winds we came across this pigeon hovering on the corner of Vanderbilt and Plaza St. SE. It didn't flee from us when we came up to it and seemed confused and unable to fly so I figured it was recovering from shock or injury. Today I will see if it can fly and release back to its flock on Vanderbilt. If not then she'll visit the Wild Bird Fund, a volunteer run wild bird rehabilitation organization on the upper West side.

I am so inspired by these birds for so many reasons, but some will know what I mean by that and others will see a "flying rat," a phrase that villainizes two species in one fell swoop. Perhaps phobia or perhaps prejudice is behind the marginalization, either way that contempt for nature reflects deep self contempt, because we're all one and the same shifting states of matter. All from the same root.

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