Wednesday, July 4, 2012

the world of pigeons

On Vanderbilt and Plaza we came across an injured pigeon, as I mentioned in an earlier post, so we took it to the Wild Bird Fund, where they will be able to care for it. I learned a few things about pigeons there, that they often live to be 30, are considered to be some of the most intelligent birds and, as messengers, saved human lives in wartime

The Wild Bird Fund, newly opened in June of this year, seeks help in collecting the equiptment they'll need to care for wild birds and small animals. 565 Columbus Ave in Manhattan, go visit and see what a great job they're doing, and notice how many wild-eyed people walk through those doors with small birds in boxes, hoping for the best.

There was a kestrel there that had been bitten by a dog and wouldn't be able to fly, so it will live in captivity. Earlier that day I had come across a woman who'd been bitten by a small dog on Reeve Place, she showed me the bruise of the small dog's bite and reported that the dog's owner had done nothing to stop the little brute. Granny does you dog bite? Then please protect your neighbors.

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