Monday, January 7, 2013

Wheel Turners

My new favorite word for problem is hucha, thank you to the Mayans. It's the sense of heaviness and dread that surrounds the things that terrify us. It rigidifies patterns that undermine the best in us and it entrenches people's creativity. In this sense, anytime a problem is identified and addressed, anytime a long festering contortion of truth comes to a head, a small-or large- miracle happens. It's amazing how long it can take to identify a problem, how we are masters at keeping them immaculately obfuscated. It's astonishing how may ways there are to avoid them and how many different kinds there are,  although it may be that they are all the same substance at the root.

It's also steep to reckon how much damage denying a problem day after day can do. I guess we get our mythic dragons and demons from these things, these gorgons can be so hard to face. What's down in the ditches with burs in the britches? Where in us is the knight, or the Mastermaid, with the charm to break the enchantment?  Still, sometimes it seems like all the angels just get together and sing "ENOUGH!"

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