Monday, July 7, 2014

summer's all immanence isn't it?

The last month or so hasn't been easy for people I know, it hasn't been easy for me. It seems that things taken for granted happen only with difficulty and extraordinary things have happened easily, as if we are undergoing some kind of intra-extra psychic spacial reorganization. Even watching fireworks this Fourth the perspective seem to be taking a cubistic revolution: they were viewed happening simultaneously on the right, on the left, overhead and then there was that video of the drone that showed them exploding from the center. There are no mandalas now, only kaleidoscopes and this can be difficult if one gets motion sickness. I am reminded of Maharsi chiding his follower when he said "who are you to say you are not in a state of grace." Grace seems to claim new spaces these days. The cracks and scars have been filled with gold, and the more cracks, the more gold.

When I got back from Lewes, DE last Saturday, having stayed in a house for a week that was real and yet unreal, I took comfort in Boehme's The Way to Christ that Lay lying by my bedside. The artwork on the cover resembled a sketch a friend of mine had done recently, brilliance emerging amid his psychic struggles, grace bleeding through the cracks in despair, an image that suggests the composite nature of all of us. I opened to a page that had a piece of origami paper folded in half, as if it were trying to become an angel fish. What my eyes fell on reminded them of their own essential tincture:
33. Thus I can truthfully say of everything I look at, be it evil or good: Here is this thing the hidden spirit of the Separator of all being has formed himself into one characteristic and has made here a counter-stroke or image of itself according to its outflow, either according to evil or good, everything according to the characteristics of nature, according to heat or cold, according to harsh, bitter, sweet, or sour or however it may be.  In all such formation externally, there is only such an elemental manner as in such sulfur and salt, but in the internal ground, in the tincture, it is good and useful, and belongs to its likeness, for the nutrimentum of life, which according to the astral and elemental manners stands in all characteristics according to the external ground. 
Counter-stroke, accord, a cord, a chord. External ground, nutrimentum. All things are tied in place by divine will, as one once called Christ's iron will. Even the bitter, the sour, the wrathful or loving words that one passively seeks for the bravery to say, all in place to create networks of golden cracks and blazing outflows of exuberance.

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