Monday, February 9, 2015


The Good, the goods. So often what seems good in not actually good at all, is not needed, clutters, becomes a burden, we have yet to remember ourselves so who knows what to buy, to consume, to sell? I imagine there are people who somehow remember what they need to remember, and so they are able to structure exchanges that are truly Good. This is the true spiritual commerce and it can't be forced and completed out of need, compulsion or control. It is only informed by the mercy of creating something truly beautiful, an offering to friends, to community, to the landscape, to humanity, to reality, a medicine for one's own heart.

How many lifetimes are required before one is able to distinguish rewards from burdens, the discernment required in order to create something Good? I know a woman with very strange, beautiful eyes, and I imagine she sees and lives the difference. I imagine the artists that create  the missives that help people stay whole are adept at this mercy. They wake in the morning to create expressions of Chesed.

To surrender to the beautiful and the Good, to lose interest in all other things, requires surrendering to metamorphosis in which it is quite likely one might become somewhat ugly to oneself.  Maybe one realizes that the witch creating the enchantment that leads to the loss of the beloved is none other than oneself. In these most subtle lessons life grants us the opportunity to learn, and somedays it seems that with one side of our hearts we learned it while the other has still has forgotten.

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