Saturday, September 29, 2018

Names of God

Tomorrow might be another name for God. Many people will be sacrificing today for tomorrow, and this seems a little pointless since tomorrow then turns into today. Some people might feel that Today is a better name for God, and submit to Today as it goes through changes the may be marked by painful spasms that so often accompany growth. But often the shocking eccentricities of the moment are filtered out as the brain has clever ways of making it seem like we humans have more power and security than we do. Predictability and security are crucial. And if the fresh arising of life is muffled, then Tomorrow is God, and Today never fully articulates it's will.

Few would call Today God, it's a time bound thing after all. But perhaps a day is a child of god, and each is different like a river stone. Every day has unique landscape, there's swampy days, sticky days, and days when everything seems to dovetail. Some days are daylight imitations of night. If each day is a child of God, and each person has their own day, then there's infinite divine flowering on a daily basis. Each person has their own day even though any single day is shared. With so many songs sung simultaneously, is there any wonder one would simply surrender?

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