Thursday, June 26, 2008

Green Point in Greenpoint

I was moved to post this email in honor of Green Point Wine's preservation efforts, and also by an interesting synchronicity: there's a little boy in my son's class named James Gosper, who was kind enough to help wrangle my 3 year old in this morning's semi chaotic last day breakfast. Here's to James, and his excellent mum!

To Whom it May Concern -

I hope you're well! I wanted to pass along some info that I thought would interest you and your readers. Green Point wines, located in Green Point, Australia, is taking a stand for the local Greenpoint, Brooklyn this summer! Former winemaker James Gosper moved to Brooklyn from the land down under about a year ago, and was immediately inspired to bring the winery's passion for environmentally friendly viticulture and winemaking to the vibrant and youthful scene of his new "local" namesake: Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The winery has partnered with Open Space Alliance in their commitment to preserve and protect local spaces, by offering the profits from every glass of Green Point wine sold at Summerscreen and the Wilco Benefit, to Open Space Alliance, a nonprofit responsible for the preservation and renovation of Brooklyn parklands and open spaces.

Green Point winery is sponsoring the McCarren Park Pool Film Series (Tuesday nights throught July and August), the Wilco concert/benefit for Open Space Alliance in August, and much more! At this link, you can find an awesome trailer which will be played before the films which highlights the connection between Green Point Australia and Greenpoint Brooklyn:
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