Saturday, June 28, 2008

No Sign of Stained Glass at old Pet Store

I'm in Maine, it's cold and foggy up here so don't be jealous. Keep in mind, there's no Lazy Man's Burning Man being held up here this weekend, just a bunch of swallows endlessly swooping around after insects in a very monochromatic landscape. I'm waiting to hear the loon's call.

sMy neighbor sent this image, commenting that when he went out to buy cherry pie filling, he took this picture of the old pet store, now without the stained glass. Well, it was fun while it lasted. Something tells me it wasn't just taken out for a cleaning. Does anyone know what the story is? Here's what Phill wrote:

Passed by the old pet shop today (looking EVERYWHERE for cherry pie
filling!) and noticed that the stained glass ("soda, candy, sweets," or whatever it was) is gone. I stopped to ask them if it was removed or if they had just taken it out while they were reframing - they didn't know.

Thanks to Phill Greenland for the picture, and I hope he gets his cherry pie soon. What a perfect day for a Twin Peaks motif. If I'm really lucky I'll run into the log lady later.

Shots of the stained glass and information on its history available here.

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