Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hannaford Parking Lot Incident

Coming back to the car after getting shoes for my daughter at Marschall's here in North Windham Maine, a passing family caught my eye because of this young woman's super red hair. It was impossibly red but still could possibly have been natural. It really fit with her pale face that was beautiful in that renaissance/minimal eyebrow way.

I felt a burning need to know if her hair color was natural or not, but reluctance to impose that level of intimacy on a complete stranger, and also a bit of apprehension about embarrassing my daughter, so I muffled my curiosity. Next thing I knew some of that family came over to get a cart from what I will call the cart corral for lack of a better term, and all the sudden they were asking me if this little red purse that was left in the cart they had chosen was mine. I said no and asked them if there was an ID in it. They didn't really want to tell me if there was one in there or not, and then they said they were going to take it into the store.

My daughter and I turned around and put our bags in the car and then started walking by the cart corral on our way into the store to meet the rest of the family. I noticed that someone had left a yellow book in one of the carts, and being extremely nosy I needed to know what book that was. Well, I found out but already I've forgotten . Since this is vacation land up here I'm pretty sure it was a romance. What other sort of books contain scenes so compelling you have to read it while selecting milk or bread. A second later an older woman was standing next to me in the cart corral, asking if I'd seen a little red purse.

My big mouth came in handy this time and I managed to make myself heard by the family who had taken the red purse, who had made thri way to the other side of the parking lot. I directed the woman to them once I had their attention. The tall girl with the super red hair came over to the woman and gave her the little red purse, and came close enough to me so I could ask her about her hair. But I didn't ask, I just said, that purse, it kind of matches your hair. She laughed.

Maybe you had to be there.

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