Thursday, July 3, 2008

Collision Land

Before we drove to Maine last week I got the car checked over at Superior Auto Care on 3rd Avenue and 19th St. It was worth it, the brakes are working much better now, and that's a good feeling.

I walked from the Prospect Ave. R stop to pick up the car . As I neared the entrance to the garage of King's Collision on 19th, a car screeched out of the garage at at least 20 miles an hour and came to an abrupt hault on the sidewalk. I observed the man driving the car had a giant grin on his face, as if he had just had the time of his life. And nearly ended mine. He had the look of someone who couldn't understand how anyone couldn't relate to how much fun he was having.

I gave him a talking to while he grinned at me, and another man there had the sense to apologize.

I have to always be very careful on 19th St. for some reason. I'm not sure why I'm most frequently imperiled on that St., which delineates one of the Northern boundaries of Greenwood Cemetery.

It was worth the risk though, the mechanics did a great job on our car, and I got to compare the pattern of the paint peeling on their wall with the cloud formations above it.

And got to admire the Superior Auto Care moth which hangs framed in their office, which they were kind enough to let me photograph. The shot's not so good, even though I got lots of advice from the people in the shop office as to how to get the best exposure.

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Thew said...

Cecropia, or Robin moth, the largest moth in the US.