Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Highway Motif

Seconds before I saw this tanker I had been daydreaming about the things I've learned from Buddhist teacher Matthew Reichers.

I was savoring the words diamond mind, in Buddhism the mind that dissolves all sources of suffering by observing that none of these feared or desired objects have fixed characteristics. No matter how hard we try to convince ourselves that things are one way or another.

I remember times when I've been convinced someone or something was evil incarnate, only to find out that it or he or she caused me to benefit in some way. Other times I was hankering for something I identified as heavenly, only to realize that whatever it was would bring with it many irritations.

According to the Buddha, the diamond mind is that aspect of awareness with the power to dissolve all delusion, the ultimate vehicle to freedom. Like diamonds, we are made of carbon, so I guess the potential for clarity is within us.

I'm glad I wasn't driving the car that day, with all this daydreaming, I might have caused a collision.


Bobby said...

One of my favorite lines by Kerouac has always been:

To be dark solitary eye-nerve watcher
of the world's whirling diamond

which I feel applies to this post somewhat.

amarilla said...

I used to think they were called beat because they beat on things. Then I learned that it was because they beatified things. Big difference!

I love "eye-nerve" and "world's whirling diamond." That idea is very taoist as well as buddhist because of the element of constant change.

Sometimes the weight just lifts and you have to wonder where it went all the sudden.