Monday, July 28, 2008

Jelly Allies, Bold Chicks

After the way the waters were this weekend, it looks like we're lucky the jellies served to deter swimmers. I didn't see any at Coney on Saturday, but a little girl told me in great earnestness that they were there and stinging people. There were tons of people swimming, but I imagine there would have been more without the cnidarian scourge.

Everyone was talking about the jellyfish, and some of us are a little obsessed with them. I went to the Union St. Bridge on a tip from the bachelor to see if we saw one, and sure enough one was there, although I didn't get a very flattering photograph of it. No amazing symmetry, no graceful fullness, just something that looked like a part of another animal floating along the S. side of the bridge. But it was fun to stand in the middle of the bridge, looking down, and get bounced around when a truck went by.

Liked the Jealous Girlfriends, who played the bandshell Saturday, and the Ghostland Observatory's lightshow was more than I hoped it would be. One enthusiastic viewer took to the stage, dancing with confidence before flashing her enviably bouyant chest to the audience. She rocked the house like I've never seen it rocked before.

Below, an innovation courtesy of a bandshell patron. The sneaker cup holder: It's a good thing.

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