Sunday, July 27, 2008

Saturday Morning Mystery

Saturday morning was a good one, even though I was having one of those dreams about the body before I woke up. Not one of those hot ones, but a pathology one. Unamed medics were working on a man who remained unknown to me, who needed alot of blood drained out of his skull. When I woke up the word "Ulna" was ringing in my ears. I didn't know what the word meant at the time, I looked it up to learn it means "elbow."

To have blood drained from the brain seems to entail a shift from thought patterns influenced by passion (in the prejudiced sense) to a mind more spacious and nonreactive. It's a very buddhist shift depicted in a charnel grounds sort of tableau. Yay! But who was that guy, I wonder. A part of me? Perhaps a reflection of how I dealt with a headache I had for 4 days in a row recently. I finally just put an ice pack on my head for about a half an hour, which did the trick.

But what about the elbow part? I've got no idea.

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