Monday, July 7, 2008

Our Lady of the Blueberries, Ice Cream Cones, ATM

Becks she called herself, my mother's neighbor here in Rhode Island who offered to let us pick freely of the blueberries on the 8 bushes lining the left side of her driveway. I've seen a number of small scale produce sellers, people who have  a few quarts of strawberries on a table in front of their house, another family had about 8 squash from their garden lying available for sale in their driveway.

I don't recall seeing this sort of thing very often before, but maybe I never noticed. Maybe if Becks had time she'd pick her blueberries and sell them, or maybe she wouldn't, maybe she'd rather have people bring their kids over and have a sense of where berries come from.  The only thing I know for sure is that Becks is very busy but eagerly took the time to make an offer that changed my entire sense of this neighborhood. It's more than just suburbia now, but what is it, I'm not sure.

It is partly a place where a person might cheat in your favor. I was expecting to pay around 9 dollars for 4 ice cream cones today at a place by the Patuxet river, and was a little confused when I was charged 5.80. I had to ask.... sure enough she gave me two for one without mentioning it.

Elsewhere I got two for one when this woman kept being near the door that I needed opened to get in with the stroller. Somehow she was there to hold the door for me from the inside when I was going in, and then there again to hold the door for me from the outside when I was going out. She also directed me to the pedestrian friendly ATM hidden away at the drive through bank.

I'm sorry if you're getting a little tired of this convention that I'm working. I may soon tire of it, but I want to see where it goes because I notice that what I write about becomes amplified. I've written from despair and amplified that. But I'd rather amplify gratitude. 

I once had a dream about the Goddess, (in this case she looked like Guadalupe) and as she looked at me her eyes changed colors by the second, and I knew she was telling me that I'd find her in everyone, in anyone, so I'd better do something about my arrogance and despair as soon as possible since they weren't going to work for me anymore. 

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Old First said...

I'm never tired of it.
The convention, I mean.

A elbereth gilthoniel.