Friday, July 25, 2008

Uncle Louie Bee's

When we went to get ices Thursday afternoon at the Uncle Louie G's on Vanderbilt we got to meet Uncle Louie G. He wasn't running around like a mascot, doing mascot things, he was wiping off tables coated with dry sticky spills, spills drawing plenty of bees.

My 2 youngest kids go for the sweetest flavors, root beer and bubblegum. Perhaps indicating that I don't give them enough sugar, perhaps indicating that they'll have dentures prematurely. The bees don't mind, they wouldn't leave us alone in fact. One almost landed on my son's lips, for god's sake. I kept the kids madly scrambling from spot to spot to try to avoid the bees that inevitably found us, dangling their legs like broken landing gear before touching down. One bee was very adorable trying to eat my daughter's ice, sampling the pink and blue mountain with its little probiscus, trying to walk up the icy slope but slipping off.

My son managed to eat his while evading the bees but my daughter's case was hopeless because they include actual chunks of gum in the bubblegum flavor, so it takes forever to eat. It was strange but when I looked around at Uncle Louie G's, no one else seemed to be having any trouble with the bees. I think they really like root beer and bubblegum. I suppose next time I'll have to just buy one for the bees so we can relax and enjoy the sweetness.

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