Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wet Dry Tuesday

Even though the day started with a short rain storm and it's storming now, it's been a dry day for me. Back in the swim of work, things need to stay on the dry side. It got a little too dry today when the water wasn't working in the women's bathroom. I realized it only after I had applied soap to my hands. No problem, my cave gumption kicked right in and I just got the water from the cooler, which was all the more refreshing for being extra cold and reserved for drinking.

I heard a little about swimming from a friend of mine who reports that the water at Breezy Point was full of jellyfish today and her kids wouldn't go in. She did, though, and I would have too, happy to bob around in the massive bubble tea. They weren't the stinging kind, she said. Next year, I hope someone invites me to their beach club there. I've never been beyond the gate. Hint.

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