Thursday, August 7, 2008

2 feet

On Wednesday near the Greenwood Playground 2 hydrants were open, both driving fast streams of cold water into the drain at the corner. I couldn't get over the water without getting my shoes wet so we all wound up taking off our shoes and wading in the hydrant water getting more and more amazed by the second. It's been a while since we've gotten to water, so it did us a lot of good. My feet felt better than they have in a long time when we finally made our next move. After an innocent wade in the lawless water, they felt like new feet might feel. New feet for everyone!

There's this detail that's been stuck in my head since the beginning of summer when I read that excellent article in the NYT about our urban community gardens. In the description of Added Value, it mentions that the mini farm consists of soil piled 2 feet deep on top of old asphalt, I believe. For some reason this really got to me and made me begin to think of the space as a work of art instead of the utilitarian space I'd thought of it as up to that point. I still haven't been there, although I came within a hare's breath last Saturday when we went to Ikea, which reminded me lots of an Airport as we drove up to it, because of the size, the traffic, all the enormous flags and the store's proximity to the water. Not to mention how so many people began to look like flight attendants while pushing those carts that hold the trays around in the cafeteria. I saw plate after plate of meatballs and potatoes covered with that tawny gravy, and it was a little sinister, especially when you have to walk through every single home accessory division on the way to the registers, like cows to slaughter. So much seduction. I saw all these sets of round cork trivets piled high around a pillar and nearly lost my mind with needing to have them, although I don't in the least. I think I almost grabbed a package and stuffed it in my pants. Not because I couldn't afford it, but because I needed it very close to me.

I heart piles, piles of dirt, sand, salt, sticks, trivets, acorns, apples and most recently the 2 foot heap of soot that saved the life of the girl who fell 15 stories this week. Maybe she has 8 more lives, hopefully less painful.

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