Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sky Diver

Kite flown along the Bay Parkway Saturday evening, one lofty hottie. She had yellow goggles and flippers on and she kicked her legs as she flew through the sky.

Along the shore to the right of Toys R Us I found, gasp, rocks with garnets in them, sea glass encasing chicken wire, this rusty lure, and, joinx jeepers, a jaw fragment, which doesn't look too human to me.

Happy Sturgeon Moon!


M.Thew said...

Wow. Whose (what) jaw did that come out of? How big are those teeth? Maybe you can do some scrimshaw on them.

amarilla said...

Maybe it's a bit of dead horse? I couldn't bring myself to touch it except with my foot. Anyway, I got over the scrimshaw when I got schneckennudelled by the dragonfly wings (and eyes.)

M.Thew said...

Bummer! Those teeth would have made a great necklace.

amarilla said...

Or dentures!