Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Drinks that are Green at the BCUE tomorrow

Tomorrow night at 7. As per the email: BKLYN Green Drinks @
The (Brooklyn) Center for the Urban Environment located on 7th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenue. Celebrate their exciting and innovative new headquarters as they become LEED-Certified Gold for Commercial Interiors by the US Green Building Council, the first of its kind in Brooklyn! http://www.bklyngreendrinks.org/

Wish I could join you Greendrinkers, because I am inspired by the BCUE and smitten with Ruth Edebohls articles for the Gowanus Lounge, but I've already pledged this week's allotment of babysitter funds to see this Friday's performance of Hoffman, an opera concerning stories told by a hard-drinking romantic about 3 curious women who broke his heart, performed on a Red Hook pier. Maybe you read the article in the Times? It does a good job of exploring the way the Opera's production has provided chances for members of the Red Hook community to participate in various ways. To sew costumes, to glue glitter on shoes, to usher, to sing in the chorus. Looks like the opera's become a community effort drawing life from a more diverse group of people than my presumptions about opera would lead me to expect. I'm already shouting bravo, Vertical Player Repertory.

You might also be interested in this symposium on sustainability that I just learned about. Wish I weren't working that day! According to the release, "On Thursday, September 18th, the Center for the Urban Environment will host Green Brooklyn…Green City—drawing over 3000 residents from all five boroughs to a full day symposium event at Brooklyn’s Borough Hall. “Green Brooklyn…Green City is unique in its sheer size and breadth,” says Aisha Glover, Director of Public Affairs and organizer of the event, “its New York City's largest showcase of green and sustainability issues, programs, and products.” For full details visit www.greenbrooklyn.org

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