Sunday, September 14, 2008

In the Pipe Organ Workshop

Mamie Minch kindly led me through the organ workshop when I was leaving Retrofret on Saturday with my repaired student-grade violin. What a terribly exiting pass that was, I was too amazed by what I saw to know what to do with myself. So I took pictures while Mamie patiently waited. The shop occupies part of the ground floor of 233 Butler, in a space that may once have housed the animals the ASPCA protected from neglect and abuse. Where once there were howls, barks and meows, there stand the organ pipes, which even silent practically send one to any cathedral or vampire's lair imaginable, propelled by their latent sonic ballistics. Staggering.

Here's more about the workshop and the man behind it. And by the way, one can hear Mamie's own renowned pipes when she performs at Barbes tonight with C.W. Stoneking. 9pm. Can I handle so much beauty? Sigh...

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